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Pricing & Refund


Pricing and Refund Policies

Last updated: November 25, 2023

Welcome to AdQuickly, your premier destination for a wide range of classified ads spanning numerous categories. Below is a brief guide to our pricing and refund policies:

Ad Packages:

  1. Regular Free Ad:

    • Cost: Free of charge.
    • Features: Your ad is placed in the appropriate category in a standard manner.
  2. Premium Ad:

    • Cost: Varies depending on the country.
    • Features: Gain heightened visibility with your ad displayed at the top of both the homepage and its specific category for 7 days.
  3. Premium Ad+:

    • Cost: Country-specific pricing.
    • Features: Maximize your ad’s exposure with top placement in its category and on the homepage for 30 days.


  • The availability of packages may vary by country. Some regions may offer all three options, while others might only provide the Regular Free Ad and the Premium Ad+.

Refund Policy:

  • Once an ad is live and payment is processed, it will continue for its predetermined promotional period.
  • In recognition of your trust and commitment to using our platform for advertising, please note that refunds are not available for ads that are already live and paid for.
  • We urge you to thoroughly review and be confident in your ad before finalizing its placement and completing payment.
  • By posting an ad and completing payment on AdQuickly, you agree to our pricing and refund policies. We are committed to helping your ads connect effectively with your target audience.