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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for AdQuickly.com

Last updated: November 25, 2023


  1. How do I place an ad on AdQuickly.com?

  2. It's easy! Click the "Post Free Ads" button at the top right of our homepage. Follow the steps, fill in the necessary details about your ad, and submit.
  3. What is the cost of advertising on AdQuickly.com?

  4. Posting an ad on AdQuickly.com is completely free. We offer a cost-free platform for effortless advertising.
  5. Will my email get spammed after posting an ad?

  6. Absolutely not. We prioritize your privacy. Your email address is kept confidential and is not displayed or shared with third parties.
  7. How long will my ad remain on AdQuickly.com?

  8. Ads typically stay active for 3 months. You'll receive email notifications before and on the expiration date. Reactivate your ad for another month via your account, or it will be removed after the 3-month period.
  9. How can I prolong my ad’s duration on the site?

  10. Extend your ad's life by logging into your account and reactivating it within a week of its deactivation.
  12. How do I edit or delete my ad?

  13. Log into your account, navigate to your dashboard, select the ad, and choose to edit or delete it.
  14. What types of ads can I post?

  15. Post in various categories like jobs, real estate, etc. Ads must adhere to our Terms & Conditions, and we reserve the right to remove non-compliant ads.
  16. Can I add photos to my ad?

  17. Yes, and we encourage it! Ads with clear, well-lit photos attract more attention.
  18. How do I handle responses to my ad?

  19. Respondents will contact you via the information you provided. Manage these interactions directly to finalize transactions.
  20. Why isn’t my ad showing on the website?

  21. Ads undergo a review process before appearing on the site. If your ad isn't visible after some time, contact our support team.

  1. How do I upgrade to a premium ad?
  2. Log into your account, select your ad from the dashboard, and choose the "Upgrade to Premium" option. Follow the payment instructions. Note: Premium ad upgrades have associated fees.

For additional questions or support, reach out to our team at [provide contact email].